brave minds welcome

Become tomorrow’s leaders by solving today’s problems.

A Virtual Innovation Services company that

future-readies & financially rewards girls for contributing to society at a young age.

We Bring the Digital Native's unbounded

mind together with expert coaches to deliver unique product ideas & prototypes for a business.

Girls establish future readiness by solving

real world business problems. Businesses gain next-gen perspectives and a pipeline of future ready talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

innoVationGirls is a platform where businesses have the opportunity to connect with the brave minds of their future customers. Digital natives, girls 10 – 15 are immersed in Design Thinking and Systematic Inventive Thinking to deliver unbounded innovation.

Women make up 13% of STEM fields. Girls’ confidence declines 26% between 5th – 9th grade. When we had our 2 daughters we decided to challenge the status quo. We launched innoVationGirls where young girls can make a difference in society today. In doing so, girls establish future-readiness and a foundation for STEM while getting financially rewarded for solving real world business problems. Businesses gain next-gen perspectives and a pipeline of future ready talent.

Unlimited access to innoVationGirls Virtual Platform for events with friends, inventive learning sessions, solving real problems with business, connecting with mentors and earning money. All for one low fixed monthly fee of $9.99. No extra costs or contracts and cancel anytime.

For Businesses please click here.

  1. Once you sign up here, you will receive a calendar invite for a 10 minute video chat to personally welcome you.
  2. You will then receive a link to Download + Install our virtual platform on Windows or Mac.
  3. Set up your unique Avatar and navigate to “innoVationGirls’ Private Team Suite”

We require a 10 minute video call with all new participants and their parent / guardian for information sharing. We have a zero tolerance policy to cyberbullying and inappropriate behaviour. There is always a coach and/or mentor in the sessions and all sessions are recorded.

What they're saying...

"They inspired everyone in the room. It benefits organizations to tap into the brilliant young minds."

Sunny Parr
“Pure genius, innoVationGirls are changing the way we innovate in business. They will change the world.”
Pete Blackshaw
"innoVationGirls helped our team think differently and build our innovation mindset."
Tim Philpott,
“Thank you for helping lead our daughters to be strong, confident, and compassionate leaders.”
Shannon Walker
“I appreciate all you do with our girls!! This has been extraordinary for them to experience!”
Dr. Lisa Tuttle-Huff
Superintendent | Madison Local Schools
“They're learning valuable lessons about work & life decades before they would otherwise”
Doug Sackin