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We help business co-create next generation products alongside your next generation consumer

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Systematic Inventive Thinking

Gamification in AR

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Girls gain encouragement, education, and opportunities in STEM, business, and innovation to unleash their natural confidence and greatness.

Businesses gain opportunities to invest in innovative thought from future female leaders, gaining relevant insight and goodwill.

We help girls discover greatness in themselves by solving real-world problems.

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Kroger Innovative solutions

🙶 I’m sincerely inspired by the work these girls are doing, led by your passion and leadership. They inspired everyone in that room and we created a ripple of confidence. It benefits organizations to tap into the brilliant young minds. 🙷

– Sunny Parr | Executive Director

🙶We engaged with InnoVationGirls to help us identify solutions for our future customers. I was impressed by their ideas, professionalism and confidence. I love that we are all getting something out of the relationship: Fifth Third is getting truly innovative, greenfield ideas and the InnoVationGirls are getting the opportunity learn about design thinking, innovation tools and applying those skills in the real world with real businesses.🙷

Kevin Whitman | Vice President Retail Design

8451 partnership with innovation girls

🙶This platform is fueled by great vision and a drive to deliver powerful innovation to businesses while empowering future female leaders.🙷

Beth Giglio | Senior Vice President