We deliver purposeful innovation while investing in young minds.

innoVationGirls is a platform where businesses engage with the most creative group in society, young girls 10-15 who are immersed in Design Thinking, apply it right away and contribute to society at an early age. innoVationGirls develop a foundation of confidence by solving real world business problems.

One of the main reasons young women do not achieve their full potential is because of the “cliff effect”. Girls’ confidence declines 26% from 5th – 9th grade.

We invest in entrepreneurship and apprenticeship programs developing the girls into leaders.


The Process...

Joe at Corp X is stumped

Business problems are stumping professionals...They come to us for fresh ideas.

innoVationGirls are on it

We use design thinking and pair every girl with a subject matter expert to unleash her creative thinking and develop solutions.

Crowd-source/Market test

We test the validity of the ideas. If we get a thumbs down we go back and iterate. When we get a thumbs up, girls present the solution to Joe.

Our Core Values...

  1. We believe empowered girls will lead us to a better world. 
  2. We believe in investing in future women leaders.
  3. We believe in the deliberate practice of lifelong confidence.
  4. We believe in the creativity of innocence that allows innoVationGirls to innovate in a way that others cannot.
  5. We believe in Corporate Shared Value. Mindful women leaders build innovative companies that make everyone successful.

Our Why...


What they're saying...

They inspired everyone in the room. It benefits organizations to tap into the brilliant young minds

Sunny Parr
Pure genius, innoVationGirls are changing the way we innovate in business. They will change the world
Pete Blackshaw
innoVationGirls helped our team think differently and build our innovation mindset.

Tim Philpott,
Our girls are so fortunate to have innoVationGirls in their lives. It gives them courage and strength to solve problems and offer ideas. These skills and feelings will always be with them. Thank you.
Shannon Walker
I've helped to lead and grow a network of close to 2,000 women and am astounded at how we ALL struggle with confidence. innoVationGirls, goes beyond inspiring innovation and problem-solving–they are getting to the heart of what keeps so many young girls from realizing their full potential––confidence. Even girls as young as my 5-year-old struggle with it in ways I didn't until my pre-teen years. I am so glad they recognize that and are actively finding ways to fix this ageless issue.
Amy Vaughan
Our Daughters are going to learn valuable lessons about work & life decades before they would have otherwise. We parents are going to see them learn, lead and excel in the business world in a way we might have never seen in our lifetimes.
Doug Sackin

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