"Our Purpose is to solve two key constraints that choke women’s potential: The early cliff effect and the lack of funding for female founders."

The founders of iVG.World are a wife and husband team – Rita David and Richard Zreik. They have two daughters and founded iVG with the belief that if we can prevent the cliff effect in adolescent girls, they can go on to unlock their fullest potential and solve the world’s most pressing issues. Prior to iVG, they launched businesses in Silicon Valley and Dubai, coached C-Suite women and worked for some of the largest multinational companies. 

We enable young girls so they can create the world they want to see.

Meet our Advisors

Daniel Wachter

Daniel Wachter

Advisor and Investor

Tina Wachter

Tina Wachter

Advisor and Investor

Pete Blackshaw

Pete Blackshaw


Meet our Subject Matter Experts

Our SMEs and advisors engage with us throughout our journey, exposing each innoVationGirl to a wide range of subjects, from data science to game design to sustainable industrial design.

Shane Meeker   Corporate Storyteller & Company Historian P&G | Founder of StoryMythos 

Sunny Parr  Philanthropic Strategy Leader | Kroger

Lucrecer Braxton  Marketing Manager at P&G Ventures

Holly O’Driscoll   Founder & CEO Ampersand Innovation

Shelley Heinen     Senior Operations Associate 84.51

Erika Judd | Director of Analytics 84.51

Amy Vaughan | CEO Together Digital

Laura Koehler | Director, Marketing Sciences at Scoppechio

Kaitlyn Irvine | Interaction Designer | IDEO

Thorsten Schroeder| Global Director, PMO

Michaela Rawsthorn | Writer, Researcher & Founder, Mergen Consultants

Nick Nissley | President at Northwestern Michigan College

Catherine Williams | The marketing professional who is never afraid to ask questions

Abby McInturf | Industrial Designer

Katie Mendrala      Senior Data Analyst at 84.51

Bob Ziek | President, ZSOURCE, LLC

Georgette Guzman | Customer Strategy & Application 84.51

Kim Post | Art Direction & Digital Design

Melanie Bowles | Lead Analytics Consultant at InfoTrust, LLC

Josie Dalton | Program Manager at Flywheel Social Enterprise Hub

Lynn Howitz | Facility Engineering Manager – Cincinnati/Dayton Div at Kroger

Katie Garry | Creative Strategist and Brand Storyteller at kg creative, llc

Marci Campbell | Creative and innovative Technology Product Manager

Cheryl Nachbauer | Designer | Educator | Entrepreneur

Madeline Yurkoski | Associate Strategist, Lean Growth | Garage Group

Lori Lovell | Data Scientist at 84.51

Jodi Woffington Experienced Executive Leadership with C-Level Marketing/Agency Background

If you would like to join our awesome team of SMEs and make a difference in the lives of young girls we would love to hear from you.