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  • Make a real impact
  • Understand unbounded, next-generation thinking
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Make a Difference

Empowering girls will lead to a better world. Directly impact future women leaders through project work, mentorship and encouragement.

Next-Generation Thinking

Receive truly fresh new product concepts, prototypes, and solutions, crafted with inventive thinking, and guided by subject matter experts from tomorrow's leaders and consumers.

Powerful PR

We provide dynamic, powerful images, videos, case studies, copy, and more to help you communicate your company's sponsorship and support.

Promote the female leaders of tomorrow while learning from innovative young minds.

Did you know women only make up 13% of STEM fields? Leaders like you can make a difference.

innoVationGirls helps business leaders like you connect and co-create with future female leaders.
Our expert coaches help confident, creative girls solve the real problems your business faces. Adults tend to focus on obstacles while the unbounded minds of young girls focus on what is possible. Teams of girls guided by Systematic Inventive Thinking, Design Thinking, and Lateral Thinking provide you with valuable insight. innoVationGirls gives you the opportunity to tap into the unbounded minds of future female business leaders and future consumers.
We provide a platform for your business to support young girls as they develop skills in innovation, business and STEM. By supporting future female leaders, you are making a statement of support and value to your employees, the community, and the girls themselves.

You're in Good Company

You can help inventive girls discover greatness in themselves while these unbounded minds provide solutions for the problems facing your business.

Learn how business leaders like you take advantage of next-generation thinking, inspire their teams, and position their company's impact as a leader in diversity.

Your path to creating an innovative new generation of women leaders.


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You can make a difference. We make it easier for you to innovate while making a difference.

What's included?

We offer comprehensive, customizable sponsorship plans.

Innovative solutions for girls

Investment in Innovative Future Women Leaders

Companies that invest in the future of women increase long term sustainability and build a loyal female customer base.

Innovation girls Innovative solutions

Product Ideas, Prototypes and Innovative Solutions

Our expert coaches work alongside innovative girls to provide innovative, viable concepts for your business.

leadership Innovative solutions

Mentorship Engagement

We offer you the opportunity to mentor girls interested in STEM, business and innovation.

Pr agency with Innovative solutions

Unlimited PR

We provide valuable, professionally crafted PR materials highlighting your investment in the future of tomorrow's women leaders in STEM, business and innovation.

girls teaching adults Innovative solutions


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