Co-create your next gen product with your next gen customer.

A Business Solution for a Societal Problem

We’ve created a process where corporations can access the the unbounded insights of the next generation while girls are learning valuable lessons in STEM, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Decades before she would have otherwise.

Corporate Engagement is a 


What makes iVG different?

Your Customer

Our innovation team is composed of your next generation customers - lead by seasoned professionals.


We co-create quality innovation by working with your team - thus exposing them to state of the art innovation processes.

Women Leaders

You can now take an active role in grooming the next generation of female leaders & entrepreneurs.

Together we can bring change by having girls work on real projects with real implications for your business.

Our Process

Week 1

Share your innovation challenge statement

Week 3

Co-create with us in a virtual systematic inventive thinking session.

Week 6

Receive design concepts presented virtually by the innoVationGirls

Imagine this: Faster Cheaper Sustainable Innovation

Next-Gen Thinking

We bring together unbounded minds, expert coaches and your team to co-create your next gen products.

User-Centered Design

Combining Systematic Inventive Thinking with the digital native creative mind and powering it up with design tools of VR.

Make a Difference

Empowering girls will lead to a better balanced world. Directly impact future women leaders through project work, exposure to STEM and mentorship.

"Our region and our world are in great need of more 'girl-preneurs', and Main Street Ventures is thrilled to support the expansion of iVG original new programming that seeks to accomplish just that!"
Kelly Bonnell
Executive Director | Main Street Ventures

Proud to be the recipient of the 2020 Wendy S. Lea Female Founder Grant

Impactful Fulfilling Meaningful Value Creating Empowering

When you work with us you are actively changing the current paradigms that stop women from rising into leadership. This is a great addition to your social responsibility report.

Did you know women only make up 13% of STEM fields? Leaders like you can make a difference.

innoVationGirls helps business leaders like you connect and co-create with future female leaders.
Our expert coaches help confident, creative girls solve the real problems your business faces. Adults tend to focus on obstacles while the unbounded minds of young girls focus on what is possible. Teams of girls guided by Systematic Inventive Thinking, Design Thinking, and Lateral Thinking provide you with valuable insight. innoVationGirls gives you the opportunity to tap into the unbounded minds of future female business leaders and future consumers.
We provide a platform for your business to support young girls as they develop skills in innovation, business and STEM. By supporting future female leaders, you are making a statement of support and value to your employees, the community, and the girls themselves.

You're in Good Company

Learn how business leaders like you take advantage of next-generation thinking, inspire their teams, and position their company's impact as a leader in diversity.

You can make a difference. Join us in creating a more balanced world by preparing 1 Million girls to be our future leaders.

What's included?

We offer comprehensive, customizable partnership plans.

Innovative solutions for girls

Investment in Innovative Future Women Leaders

Companies that invest in the future of women increase long term sustainability and build a loyal female customer base.

Innovation girls Innovative solutions

Innovative Concepts and Prototypes

We work in VR with your team to go from concepts to MVPs.

leadership Innovative solutions

Mentorship Engagement

We offer you the opportunity to mentor girls interested in STEM, business and innovation.


Unlimited PR

We provide valuable PR materials highlighting your investment in the future of tomorrow's women leaders in STEM, business and innovation.