Packaging Innovation that Saves Lives


Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) is an innovation partner for various consumer brands. CTI’s thermochromic, photochromic, hydrochromic and glow in the dark ink technology enables brand experiences in the hands of their consumers. CTI engaged iVG.World to explore innovative applications of their existing technologies for the soda beverage industry. 


A CTI team member briefed the iVG.World team on the Chromatic Inks technologies, their applications and the 5 year soda beverage industry disruptive trends they are considering.


The iVG.World team applied their innovation skills and their fresh unbounded perspective to designing and delivering 44 futuristic concepts and a vault of insights. The CTI innovation team considered 48% (21) of all concepts as viable and applicable for CTI’s current technology. The CTI team also found 95% (20) of those concepts are fresh and novel ways for CTI technology applications.