The Future of Banking Through the Eyes of the Next Generation.

Fifth Third Bank ONE67 innovation team was exploring new financial services applications for an emerging technology. In iVG.World they saw an opportunity to have the next generation of customers imagine uses of a technology they were growing up with and to do this unencumbered by decades of the status quo in banking (either as a customer or banker).  


The young girls, immersed in exponential technology and guided by an expert coach, came up with many concepts that were filtered down to eight viable solutions/concept boards to be presented to the bank’s innovation team.

Out of the eight solutions presented, the ONE67 team found viability in five. The bank’s definition of viability:1. must be meaningful for the customer, 2. has to make financial sense for the bank and 3. the technology is feasible within the next 5 years.

In addition to the five viable concepts iVG.World delivered, the partnership yielded new innovation methods and tools as well as rewarding engagements for their team members and other employees.