Helping curious girls gain power and influence to become the business leaders of tomorrow.

Letting girls lose their confidence and curiosity is just plain wrong.

Girls lose confidence and interest between the ages of 10 and 15 at alarming rates. They become less willing to try new things, take risks, or speak up. By the time they are women, it's too late.

innoVationGirls provides an encouraging platform for risk-taking, growth, and exploration. Teams of girls are tasked with solving real problems for real companies using systematic inventive thinking. These projects give them the framework and confidence to explore their own ideas and ventures. They’ve been there before so they have the confidence and skills to do it again. They influence the future of those companies and get financially rewarded for it.
innoVationGirls offers a platform for learning with dedicated and qualified STEM, business and innovation leaders as coaches. Our mentors are real business experts who challenge and guide your daughter through design-based thinking.
innoVationGirls helps girls hold onto the confidence and curiosity they were born with during a critical time in their development. We get them ready through courses in negotiation, storyboarding, improv, and more to ideate and present solutions to real issues faced by real companies in a consultative setting.

Help your daughter become more

Give her the tools to develop the leader within herself.


We help girls discover greatness in themselves by solving real-world problems.

Join a community of girls being nurtured, supported and cultivated by a team of dedicated experts in STEM, business, innovation, and future-readiness.

Your path to creating an innovative new generation of women leaders.


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Wow! what a difference you are making. Your moon-shot goal, of solving for the cliff effect, is simply amazing and motivational. Of course I see all the impact and investment in my daughter which I know is helping her learn and grow.

Beth Giglio

Sr. VP of HR at 84.51˚
innoVationGirls MOM

“They're learning valuable lessons about work & life decades before they would otherwise. We are going to see them learn, lead and excel in the business world in a way we might have never seen in our lifetimes”

Doug Sackin

innoVationGirls FATHER

“…How fortunate our girls are to have this [program] in their lives. It gives them courage and strength, to solve problems and offer ideas, these skills and feelings will always be with them. Thank you!”

Shannon Walker

Astronomer | CPO
innoVationGirls MOM

1 in 3 girls with a GPA above 4.0 doesn't think she is smart enough for her dream career.

Make a Difference

Empowering girls will lead to a better world. Directly impact future women leaders through project work, mentorship and encouragement.

What's included?

Innovative solutions for girls

Virtual Learning Platform

Unlimited access to:

Innovation girls Innovative solutions

Business Projects

Work in teams to solve real problems for real businesses. Learn from the businesses you may want to work for in the future.

leadership Innovative solutions

Mentors and Coaches

Work together with expert coaches to develop and master Lateral Thinking, Collaboration and Communication

Pr agency with Innovative solutions

Earn Money

Have the opportunity to earn money by solving problems for real businesses.


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