How to Get Started

Please go the Sign Up page and fill out the required information. The first month is free so go ahead and give it a try! You can cancel anytime.

Once you sign up you will receive a link to Download + Install our virtual platform on Windows or Mac. (System requirement and installation guide can be found here)

You will then set up your unique Avatar, click save & exit then navigate to innoVationGirls’ Private Team Suite.

Click on the Calendar to choose your sessions. For every 6 sessions you complete you move on to the next level. The higher the level the more opportunities you have to earn more money and experience!


Get Future Ready

  1. Apply the learning in real time with real businesses.
  2. Tackle subjects from design thinking to coding.
  3. Learn 21st Century Skills.
  4. Master Lateral Thinking, Collaboration, Communication
  1. Start building your resume as early as 10.
  2. Build relationships with cohorts and business leaders.
  3. Get mentored by the businesses you may want to work for in the future.
  1. Discover your passion for subjects early on.
  2. Create your network of girl-preneurs for a lifetime.
  3. Get Empowered to become our future leader.
  4. HAVE FUN!


innoVationGirls Core Values

Girls help themselves by making a contribution in society and helping others improve their lives.

Discover our strengths to fully use our talents and make a difference in the world.

Maintaining child-like wonder for a high level of curiosity throughout life. 

Still have questions?

Contact us and we'll set up a call!